Brizy WordPress Builder Deal

Features of Brizy Pro:

1. Premium Design Layouts
2. Design elements :

Design elements with examples: Certain design elements are found only in Brizy PRO like Gallery, Carousel, Posts, and so on. There are 12 elements that users can find only in Brizy PRO. Benefits: – easy to achieve all your goals by getting access to every element Brizy PRO has to offer.

3. Dynamic Content (Brizy WordPress only for now):

Benefits: – easy to create templates that you can apply on different pages on your website based on conditions – developers and PRO users can leverage the power of the custom fields plugins to create truly complex and amazing websites for clients.

4. Marketing Integrations :

How it works: The PRO comes with a lot of marketing integrations – Benefits: – lets you connect the contact form to your favourite marketing tools to generate leads

5. Popup Builder :

You can add a popup on every link on the page – Popup examples and examples: You can edit and create any popup imaginable with the same tools built into Brizy right there on top of your page. No need to switch to other interface or go into the backend. Benefits: – easy to create your own popups or use one built by us – no friction when working with popup, you get the popup editor on top of your page, using the same tools you are already used to